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Leadership Agility

Download the teaser of the book Leadership Agility and our condensed and practical overview of 10 key leadership styles Sovereign or Servant.
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Strategies and organizations need agility to adapt to an increasingly turbulent world. The same is true for leadership.

Mastering these styles – as an individual or as a team – means being effective as a leader in rapidly changing circumstances.


Strategy & Implementation

Download our free booklet with a practical overview of ten strategy paradoxes about rethinking and implementing strategy.
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A successful strategy and its implementation start with covering the entire horizon of opportunities and pitfalls, and getting key stakeholders on board.

The strategy paradoxes in this condensed booklet offer a rigorous and practical approach to do just that.


Corporate Universities

Download our teaser of the top-rated book ‘Corporate Universities: Drivers of the Learning Organization’.
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Considering to build, develop or implement a corporate university for your organization?
Read in this blog why successful organizations have a corporate university.