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06 Jun


MD Magazine – Interview with Prof. Ron Meyer (in Dutch)

6 June 2018 | By |

Leiderschap als verleiderschap – MD Magazine – Zomer 2018

Ron Meyer schreef samen met Ronald Meijers (Deloitte) een boek
over Leadership Agility. Ter ondersteuning van de theorie, verscheen
ook een bijpassende App (Leadership LEAP). In nummer 2016-3 van
dit blad bespraken we deze App al. Dit voorjaar spraken we met Ron
Meyer om een beter idee te krijgen over het gebruik van het nieuw
ontwikkelde leiderschapsmodel.

Download the full content here.

28 May


Dutch language version of Leadership Agility

28 May 2018 | By |

The Dutch-language edition of the book written by our Managing Director Ron Meyer and Ronald Meijers “Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles”, will be published in July. You can already place advanced orders by following the link below.

Buy the book

03 Oct


Book launch: Leadership Agility – Developing your repertoire of leadership styles

3 October 2017 | By |

Prof. Ron Meyer and Ronald Meijers are launching their new book, “Leadership Agility, Developing your repertoire of leadership styles” in a series of events in Netherlands. The first, at TIAS School for Business and Society in Utrecht on September 30th, and there will be other events in the upcoming days, in Amsterdam.
During the session at TIAS, Prof. Meyer explored the increasing need of agility in the strategic leadership dimensions and how only few leaders are prepared for the current changes the world is facing. Participants were invited to reflect on their main strengths and pitfalls as leaders and how they can develop different leadership styles to become agile leaders.
The book will be available at from October 9th. Preorder your copy here.

29 Sep


BDO Scope Magazine

29 September 2017 | By |

Dr. Ron Meyer was invited by BDO Scope Magazine to share his perceptions on new ways to formulate strategy in turbulent times. Read below his thoughts and recommendations:

‘The accelerating pace of technological change has made it very difficult for companies to formulate a business strategy. The classic top-down approach is no longer adequate. More executives also realise they can no longer leave strategy development to external consultants but have to do the job themselves. Ideally it should now be a continuous process in which a leader should involve as many employees and managers as possible. If they’re given the opportunity to implement the business plans, they will be much more engaged and there will be a greater chance of success.
‘Due to the acceleration of new, disruptive technologies, the most you can do in formulating a strategy is indicate a direction rather than specify a concrete end point. Could this have a paralysing effect? You can avoid this effect by remaining agile while accepting that you can never predict which technology is going to “win” and that you may sometimes get it very wrong. In 1995, for example, Bill Gates said the internet would never be a success. Today’s business leaders need to let go of their mechanical approach to governance and strategy development.’

Prof. Ron Meyer
Director of the Center for Strategy & Leadership
Professor of Strategic Leadership at TIAS School for Business and Society.

15 Jun


CUSTOMER CENTRICITY best paper award

15 June 2017 | By |

Within one week, the LinkedIn post by Martyn Rademakers on winning the Best Biennial Paper Award received over 8000 views from across the world. Clearly, the topic of Customer Centricity carries importance for today’s organizations.

The Best Biennial Paper Award has been granted by the Journal of Creating Value, which is publised by SAGE. Authors Martyn Rademakers and Carmen van den Hemel have proudly accepted this prestigeous award.

02 Jun


The PPG-AkzoNobel Takeover Battle

2 June 2017 | By |

C4SL Managing Director and TIAS Professor of Corporate Strategy Ron Meyer quoted in an article by The Economist on the attempts of PPG to take over AkzoNobel. Read the full article here:

02 Jun


Ron Meyer on Authentic Leadership

2 June 2017 | By |

Check out this short but insightful interview about questions about the sense and nonsense of ‘born leaders’, authentic leadership and adaptation.

Interview with prof. dr. Ron Meyer.

15 May


CFO Magazine Interview – Martijn Rademakers

15 May 2017 | By |

Bedrijven moeten tegenwoordig snel op nieuwe ontwikkelingen kunnen inspelen. Maar hoe kunnen ze voorkomen dat ze te kort door de bocht gaan?

Volg de link:

05 Mar


Blog on Business Innovation: The art of a good start

5 March 2017 | By |

Publised on (in Dutch) a blog on securing a good start for business innovation processes: generating ideas that work. Not through mere brainstorming (does not work good enough) but through a strategic approach to the Harvard-approach of ‘brainswarming’.

Dat business innovation prominent op de strategische agenda van bedrijven en instellingen staat, is nu wel duidelijk. Het startput van business innovation blijft een lastige horde. Hoe kom je aan goede, ècht nieuwe ideeën die je organisatie verder helpen?

Zie ook:

05 Mar


Corporate University – book now also available in Bahasa Indonesia

5 March 2017 | By |

Indonesia, with a population of over 260 million and a highly dynamic economy, sees a rapid of corporate universities. Both in numbers and quality. Thanks to the publisher of PPM Business School in Jakarta, the work of Dr. Martyn Rademakers covering cases, tools and theory from international sources, are now also available in Bahasa Indonesia. The resulting book  ‘Corporate University: Merancang, Membangun dan Mengelola Organisasi Pembelajar‘ and more information can be found at: